How to Make a Personalized Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation Seal and send wedding invitations are usually used in announcing the solemn vow, the most extraordinary day in a couple’s life. This is usually presented in thick and durable paper stock which comes in a variety of attractive colors and sizes. This can be creased and folded into an envelope. Included in these seal and send wedding invitations are the RSVP card that can be easily detached from its seal. There are several ways on how you can create a seal and wedding invitations using various processing programs as well as printers. Manuals are also available which can provide you instruction on how to make this type of invitation according to size as well as custom printing.
This kind of invitation can be expensive. However, you can also make a customized seal and send wedding invitation which may cost you lesser as compared to ordering it from the printing press shops. The things that you need in making seal and sending wedding invitations include cardstock measuring 11 x 17 inches, cutting board, RSVP card, computer, printing machine, and ink.

In making a personalized seal and send wedding invitations, the first thing you must do is choose the card stock that will meet your needs. There are wide arrays of colors which you can choose from and you can choose the one which will match to your theme wedding color. You can easily purchase these online. Next, use the cutting board in cutting the card stock to your desired dimension. Then, use the word processing in adjusting the margins that will serve as your template. Using the program in your computer, you can make the right adjustments for the fonts as well as spacing to ensure that you won’t create any creases over the texts.

You can do the formatting for RSVP card and make the necessary adjustments on the printing properties of the invitation such as the size, as well as the quality of the ink. In printing it, you have to test the outcome of the ink by checking if there are splotches and making the necessary adjustments to achieve the best end product for it.

Once you are already satisfied with the result of the printed invitation, make sure that you are not going to jam the printer. Then, it is time for you to make the necessary folding by using the bone folder and with the aid of two rulers. The stamp should be affixed at the back of the invitation at the top right-hand corner of RSVP card. In folding it, you have to start from the bottom towards the top of the crease and the perforated line. Make sure that the seal is clear to avoid possible ripping of its edges.

Making your own seal and sending invitations can definitely enable you to save more money. You can add other personal touch on it which will make your wedding invitation more original. If you want some more ideas, you can always search in the online world.