One of the important parts of a wedding that must never be overlooked is the wedding invitation. Without them, people will never know about your special day and worse, they might even feel that you are not sincere enough to invite them over for the big day. Today, most couples opt to use the seal and send wedding invitations.

The seal and send wedding invitations already contain the reception information, the invitation itself, the response card as well as other essential information all in a single package. Every element of your package for wedding invitation is printed on a certain section of a single continuous panel that folds right into its very own envelope. As far as seal and send wedding invitations are concerned, the pricier ones usually come with a different envelope, with folding lines separating the different sections. Usually, the response cards are incorporated as perforated section which then acts as a kind of postcard. You can have your postage affixed to the section of the response card prior to getting the envelope sealed. After folding, either a decorative or plain seal can be used for securing the seal and send wedding invitations. The envelope also features a section dedicated for the postage and address of the recipient. If you have plans of distributing seal and send wedding invitations, there are a few things which you need to take note of.

First of all, you will need to check your guest list to know the exact number of invitations that you will have to make. Then, determine those guests who will get hand delivered invitations and those who will get posted invites. This should be clearly denoted on your guest list.
After this, you need to make sure that your postage is sufficient. There will be a need for you to buy postage not just for your seal and send wedding invitations but also for your response cards, which include those that come with the hand delivered wedding invitations. As a rule, you need to purchase double the needed postage for the overall number of your seal and send wedding invitations. It will be more economical to have exact calculations.

Determine the manner that will be used for addressing your seal and send wedding invitations. If you are going to use the printed labels, set up the list of wedding guests on one database then print all labels. If the invitations are going to be addressed by hand, prepare colored pens and practice calligraphy on pieces of scratch paper.

Ones these things have been settled, the next thing is for you to start working on the seal and send wedding invitations. Here, you have the choice of doing the work all by yourself or you can also get the assistance of professionals. Should you choose to do it on your own, you can look for step by step procedures online in order to serve as your guide.

Truly, seal and send wedding invitations are the best way to show your guests that you are eager to have them in your wedding day as you put the effort in making the invitations.